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Quarta boardroom table: exclusive meetings with top technology

Quarta boardroom table: exclusive meetings with top technology

A meeting of top management or the board of directors requires a suitable venue with advanced infrastructure.

Thanks to our Quarta smart meeting table, companies can give presentations and hold telephone and video conferences via screens sunk into the table in a stylish, inspiring and high-tech room at the Faculty Club.

Our infrastructure is state-of-the-art. This means that Faculty Club can introduce a new form of meeting and, more specifically, tap into a new market: the outsourcing of top-level meetings. Compared to the infrastructure that companies usually have in house, this new solution offers a lot of advantages, especially for meetings of top management or the board of directors. Colleagues or business contacts can phone in and participate in the meeting remotely via video conferencing.

General director Peter Herbiest: “In any organisation, meetings are an essential part of the work process. But not every business has the budget to equip a meeting room with the newest technology.”

“That is why we have invested in the very best technology available for meetings today. Video conferencing is a whole lot more secure than Skype, for example, which is an import point these days. Companies can now hold their meetings, including video conferences, at Faculty Club, in total comfort and without any investment. There is room for eighteen people at our table and several remote parties.”

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"Professionals are in no doubt! Faculty Club is the location of choice for organizing your seminars, meetings, press conferences and multi-day conferences."