Would you like to supplement your income as a waiter or bartender? Faculty Club is looking for people who want to work within the flexi-job system

What is a flexi-job and who qualifies for it?

A flexi-job is a flexible form of employment in the hotel and catering industry. The idea is to allow people to supplement their incomes in a fiscally interesting manner. Indeed, you will receive your agreed wages net.

Are you currently or have you, in the past 3 quarters, been employed for a minimum of 80% by another employer? Then a flexi-job might be something for you!

Do you have experience in the hotel and catering sector and are you interested in earning a little extra in a lovely historic setting? Then register via email to kris.andries@facultyclub.be. Please include your CV and a short motivation letter.

If you qualify, we will give you a brief test to see whether you are completely ready for the job.

"Professionals are in no doubt! Faculty Club is the location of choice for organizing your seminars, meetings, press conferences and multi-day conferences."