Tailor-made arrangement

Do you have special requests? No problem! Besides the standard meeting arrangements, you can also opt for a personalised programme. Our sales team will work with you to develop an à-la-carte arrangement that meets all your requirements. You yourself can choose from our range of lunch formulas and snacks for the breaks. Discover our arrangements here.

For a customised arrangement you must include the rent of the meeting room in your package. We provide the same arrangement for the whole group.

Organising seminars

Obviously, a seminar stands or falls with the location. At Faculty Club you are at the right address. We are easily accessible, there is ample parking space and the historic setting provides a good dose of inspiration.

Would you like to offer your guests overnight accommodation too? For the organisation of your residential seminars Faculty Club works closely with several hotels. Our Customer Delight Host will be pleased to advise you on the organisation of your event. Ask for a quote.

"Professionals are in no doubt! Faculty Club is the location of choice for organizing your seminars, meetings, press conferences and multi-day conferences."